TISFEST 14ün İlk Jüri Üyesi

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Festivalden İlk İpucu

TISFESTin ilk büyük ödül kazanan yönetmeni Burak Çevik filmlerinin toplu gösterimi bu yıl festival programında. More »



TISFEST is a young cinema platform and it is more than just a competition. If you believe that your future lies in cinema, this must be the place for you!

By this festival you will both have the opportunity to trade ideas with the youth from around the world and to share ideas with important names of world cinema.

TISFEST is not just a film contest but a movie festival with a wide program. There will be master classes open to all participation between January 28th -February 1st, 2014. Famous faces from turkey and abroad will attend these sessions and young filmmakers will have the chance to talk to, share ideas with and get assistance from them. In the 5 days long activity, there will be special screenings.

You can share your ideas with us in determining the festival program and direct us in organizing the festival with your opinions. All you have to do is to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!